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About Us

Zagros is a Canadian not for profit aimed toward cultural empowerment of the Persianates people and to promote their cultural, linguistic and acculturation in their newly found home, Quebec and Canada.
It is the goal of the institution management to specialise on Persianates people because Canada is a multicultural country.  These days, Canada is often described as a multicultural nation. Simply stated, it means that Canadians are not of any one cultural background, race or heritage. Instead, Canadians today reflect a vast diversity of cultural heritages and racial groups. This multicultural diversity is a result of centuries of immigration.
We want to offer the service to immigrated Persianates in order to provide themselves, their children and their families to help stimulate imagination and education, and above all: pleasure. We also like to provide, a competitive variety of services including classes, multicultural activities and art programs, plus a relaxing, friendly environment that encourages Persianates people to participate in our activities.